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Game Game Decelopment freelancer Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-28 09:28:40+08:00

Investment: 1000 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 20

Project keys/tags: android mobile-app-development cplusplus-programming game-development game-design

I am looking for a skilled game developer to create a PC game in the action genre. I am open to any suggestions from the developer and am excited to see what unique features and elements they can bring to the game. Skills and Experience: \- Experience in game development, particularly in creating PC games \- Strong understanding of the action genre and what elements make a game exciting and engaging \- Ability to think creatively and bring new ideas to the table \- Excellent programming skills and proficiency in relevant software and tools

Game Making a roblox game server freelancer Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-26 03:49:56+08:00

Investment: 800 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 36

Project keys/tags: java cplusplus-programming c-programming game-development game-design

I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me create a Roblox game server. The game server will be a first-person shooter (FPS) game, with an expected number of players ranging from 50-100. Specific requirements for the game server are not set in stone, as I have a general idea but am open to suggestions from the freelancer's expertise. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: \- Strong knowledge and experience in game development, particularly in creating Roblox games \- Proficiency in scripting and programming languages such as Lua \- Ability to design and implement engaging gameplay mechanics \- Experience in optimizing game performance and server stability \- Strong communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with the client (me) throughout the develop...

Game 互动魔屏 开源众包

Data aggregation at 2023-11-25 08:07:18+08:00

Investment: 100000 yuan (CNY) - Negotiated Hits: 2739

Project keys/tags: c# unity

使用Unity开发,完成互动触控屏幕互动 具体内容查看需求链接: https://9rsruk.axshare.com 密码:xz123456

Game hack a elf game file freelancer Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-25 05:02:15+08:00

Investment: 700 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 48

Project keys/tags: python c-programming reverse-engineering

find ways to cheat at the game, for instance, by getting infinite lives, starting with more than three lives, freezing time, and playing without robots or robot collisions. The files are binary (ELF-32 bit and elf-64 bit). Chang should be done on just these files. and scripts should be written in python.

Game Create a unity retro arcade game freelancer Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-24 19:53:24+08:00

Investment: 6281 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 40

Project keys/tags: c-sharp-programming raspberry-pi game-development unity-3d game-design

I am looking for a skilled Unity developer to create a simple retro arcade platformer game. The ideal candidate should have experience in game development and be able to create a visually appealing and engaging game. The game will be similar to the retro Prince of Persia game, you will be escaping from Alcatraz through pipes (Sewer style) which start from the bottom of the prison and go through the sea to San Francisco… avoiding obstacles along the way to make it to the other side. This retro style game will be played on an 80's style arcade unit at an trade show event. Requirements: \- Proficient in Unity game development \- Experience in creating platformer games \- Ability to design and implement game mechanics \- Knowledge of retro arcade game aesthetics and design \- Strong ...

Game Medieval Conquest: Live Battle - Interactive TikTok Live Game freelancer Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-21 23:17:28+08:00

Investment: 600 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 55

Project keys/tags: nodejs graphic-design game-development game-design godot

Project Brief: Medieval Conquest: Live Battle - Interactive TikTok Live Game Overview: Develop an engaging, interactive game titled "Medieval Conquest: Live Battle" for TikTok Live using the Godot 4 engine. This game will integrate real-time viewer participation with strategic gameplay, set in a medieval theme. Objectives: Create an Immersive Experience: Design a game that actively involves TikTok Live viewers in gameplay. Ensure Smooth Integration: Seamlessly integrate game mechanics with TikTok's live interaction features (likes, diamonds). Develop Strategic Gameplay: Implement mechanics that require players to think strategically and make decisions that influence the game's outcome. Key Features and Specifications: Team-Based Play: Automatically assign viewers to...

Game 一个修仙类的文字游戏,可支持学生党。 开源众包 Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-18 21:20:02+08:00

Investment: 4500 yuan (CNY) - Negotiated Hits: 2832

Project keys/tags: Not setting

第一次发众包,最好有经验的开发者,不需要太华丽的UI,个人发布的(没有很多资金,成本500)有兴趣的,不建议钱少的可以来,如果觉得钱少的可以不用来询问了,因为真没很多钱。 游戏主要发布在taptap上,游戏题材是修仙类,游戏内容还没构建好,开发者需要会在游戏内插入广告的,最好有发布taptap经验的,需要搞好一个官方发送礼包的平台。 其它说明具体联系微信:QF0x00。

Game 简单微信小游戏开发 开源众包 Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-18 21:10:44+08:00

Investment: 5000 yuan (CNY) - Negotiated Hits: 2772

Project keys/tags: Not setting

以微信小程序为平台做一款经典的小游戏 玩法为使用方向键左右控制小人,要防止被托上去挤死、掉下去摔死、被钉板(尖刀)戳死。 一些基本信息: 板块种类:石块、冰块(踩上短时间后会消失)、滑轮(两个方向)、弹簧、尖刺。 血量满血12,遇刺-5(包括最上方的和尖刺块),每次踩到板块+1血。 血量<=0或者掉下去游戏结束。 功能需求: * 游戏需要适配不同机型,根据手机型号改变屏幕大小 * 游戏首页加个帮助按钮,里面玩法说明 * 游戏界面点击左半边为向左移动,点击右半边为向右移动 * 上移速度随层数递增,有上限 * 排行榜 * 好友排行榜 * 全球排行榜 * 复活(分享游戏可复活一次,最多一次) 需要沟通能力强,有较强的责任心,有问题随时沟通 最好有微信小游戏开发经验 需要有一定设计能力,单人项目,游戏细节需要你把控

Game 游戏开发 开源众包

Data aggregation at 2023-11-18 12:04:12+08:00

Investment: 5000 yuan (CNY) - Negotiated Hits: 2671

Project keys/tags: Not setting

强制更新某款谷歌手游apk,除了更改版本号需要做一些其他的工作。或把最新版本的apk 移植到旧版的mod apk 让mod apk能够工作

Game Integrate Firebase to My Unity Project freelancer Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-18 04:27:24+08:00

Investment: 800 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 81

Project keys/tags: mobile-app-development ios-development android-app-development google-firebase unity

I am looking for a developer to integrate Firebase Analytics into my Unity project. Requirements: \- Must have experience working with Firebase and Unity \- Proficient in integrating Firebase Analytics \- Able to complete the integration within 1-2 days \- I will not provide my source code. This job need to remote to work at my side. \- After integrate must test to build for my Android and iOS device without any problems. (I will do it by myself before release fund.) Skills: \- Firebase \- Unity \- Firebase Analytics Timeline: \- The expected timeline for this integration is 1-2 days.

Game 一个手机游戏开发,一个修仙类的文字游戏,不需要太多好看的UI。 开源众包 Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-17 16:25:31+08:00

Investment: 3500 yuan (CNY) - Negotiated Hits: 1208

Project keys/tags: Not setting

第一次发众包,最好有经验的开发者,不需要太华丽的UI,个人发布的(没有很多资金,成本500以内)有兴趣的,不建议钱少的可以来,如果觉得钱少的可以不用来询问了,因为真没很多钱。 游戏主要发布在taptap上,游戏题材是修仙类,游戏内容还没构建好,开发者需要会在游戏内插入广告的,最好有发布taptap经验的,需要搞好一个官方发送礼包的平台。 其它说明具体联系。

Game Create a game. freelancer Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-17 06:51:42+08:00

Investment: 700 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 91

Project keys/tags: android mobile-app-development game-development game-design certified-ethical-hacking

I'm looking for a talented game developer to help bring my idea to life. I'm hoping to create a mobile game with a casual style, and for it to be available on the Android platform. The ideal candidate should be familiar with game development for mobile platforms and have experience crafting Casual style games. The design of the game should be creative and engaging. The deliverables should fit within the scope of the project and include any necessary game assets required for its completion. If you think you can help make my game come alive, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for your time!

Game Company Director Sri-Lanka Game Studio freelancer Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-16 23:54:03+08:00

Investment: 800 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 159

Project keys/tags: cplusplus-programming game-development full-stack-development game-design web-security

Local Company Director Sri-Lanka Game Studio Role: Full Stack Developer Preferred skills and qualifications: \- Proficiency in game development languages such as C++ \- Experience with game engine Unreal Engine \- Knowledge of 2D and 3D game development \- Familiarity with mobile and desktop game development and optimization \- Strong problem-solving and debugging skills Timeline: Less than 1 month We are a game studio based in Sri-Lanka and we are looking for a skilled developer to join our team. As a full stack developer, you will be responsible for creating and implementing back end mechanics, coding websites , and integrating assets from the game engine. Ideal candidates should have a strong background in game development and possess the necessary skills and qualifications to bring ou...

Game Unity Program Update freelancer Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-16 23:10:57+08:00

Investment: 600 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 98

Project keys/tags: android mobile-app-development c-sharp-programming game-development unity-3d

I have a unity project for a software program. The software is a digital menu board for restaurants. We make custom designs for different restaurants and we have custom features. One feature is called a Market Crash, which drops all of the prices when the button is pressed. The market crash button works fine for one of our clients but not the other client. In other words, the market crash works fine in one unity scene, but not the other, which is essentially a duplicate scene with UI changes. I think the scene that doesn't work is missing the "Market Crash" code. This project is to open the scene that works, find the market crash code and copy it over to the scene that doesn't work. I'll give a 10 rating for good work. You'll have to login to my compu...

Game Hidden External Cheat for Online MOBA Game Development freelancer Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-15 23:47:52+08:00

Investment: 800 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 140

Project keys/tags: cplusplus-programming c-programming game-development game-design debugging

Overview: We are seeking an experienced freelancer with expertise in C++ programming, game hacking, and Lua scripting to develop a hidden external cheat for an online MOBA game. The cheat must be undetectable and designed for long-term usability with the potential for adaptation to other games. The project should include the following key features: Features (Modular and Extensible): AIMBOT: Aim key for targeting enemies Adjustable Aim FOV slider Smooth aiming with a customizable Aim Smooth slider for a natural look during streaming Automatic prediction for various abilities Range calculation for abilities, both automatic and manual Manual prediction customization for different abilities Aim type options: Pitch/Jaw (always), Pitch/Jaw (auto), Jaw Flexible ...

Game I need a programmer to do a task of an open source game freelancer Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-15 04:03:50+08:00

Investment: 1000 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 107

Project keys/tags: python software-architecture cplusplus-programming c-programming autohotkey

Project Description: I am in need of a skilled programmer to optimize the performance of an open source game written in Python. The specific task for this project is to improve the game's performance and make it run more smoothly. Ideal skills and experience: \- Strong proficiency in Python programming language \- Experience in optimizing performance of games or software applications \- Familiarity with open source game development \- Knowledge of game design principles and best practices Deadline: The deadline for completing the task is flexible, with no strict deadline. and this link of game

Game a game in flutter freelancer Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-15 02:54:36+08:00

Investment: 600 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 136

Project keys/tags: android mobile-app-development iphone-app-development game-development game-design

I am seeking a skilled developer to create a simulation game in Flutter. Here are the project requirements: Type of game: Simulation Subject of Game : Similar Like Game Dev Tycoon Design and theme: I have a basic design in mind, utilizing the Material Theme Widget. However, I am open to the designer's ideas for further enhancements. Platforms: The game should be available on both iOS and Android. Ideal skills and experience for the job: \- Proficiency in Flutter development \- Experience in developing simulation games \- Knowledge of Material Theme Widget and UI design \- Ability to create a cross- platform game for iOS and Android If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal.

Game Text-Based game improvements/addons freelancer Recommended

Data aggregation at 2023-11-13 23:15:57+08:00

Investment: 900 dollars (USD) - Negotiated Hits: 153

Project keys/tags: javascript php software-architecture html mysql

I'm looking for someone to make visual enhancements and new levels/missions for a php text-based game I have. I have a clear vision for the levels/missions, so someone with a creative eye and some coding experience would be a great fit. The improvements/addons need to be completed within a month. If you think you can handle this project, please get in touch - I'm excited to see what you have to offer! It is required a good PHP knowledge since the whole thing is build on PHP